Cramer’s lightning round: I think Nike goes higher


Nike: “I think it goes higher, why? Because they had one of the best quarters that I have seen in ages. And my congratulations to [CEO] Mark Parker, who will not come on this show and it’s beginning to really break my heart.”

Huami Corp.: “There’s only one device company in the whole wide world that’s worth owning and that is Apple. So, even though I know your stock is very low dollar amount, Apple is a better buy.”

Kemet Corp.: “Kemet is incredibly undervalued. I don’t really get it. I think it’s just way too cheap. I think it is a buy, buy, buy.”

Hanes Brands: “I have not liked the textile business. I am not going to go there. I know it’s got a good yield. I know it’s a good company, I just need growth. I want growth.”

Enphase Energy: “Enphase is a company that a lot of people are short. They’re betting that it can’t last … I say it’s incredibly speculative, but if people want to buy solar I’m never going to discourage anyone from doing that.”

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