10 Strategies For Reaching Out To Previous Real Estate Clients

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If you work in real estate, you’ll come across countless properties while helping your clients buy and sell their homes or buildings. And in the process, you may discover a newly listed site that would be perfect for a previous client. Sharing the news with that person is a great way to grow your business and referrals—as long as it’s done in a way that is respectful and of value to the customer.

So what should people keep in mind before getting in touch? To find out, we asked the members of Forbes Real Estate Council to discuss their preferred methods for reaching out to former clients about potential properties—and why they work. Here’s what they said:

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1. Email And Text With A Follow-Up Phone Call

Emailing the property marketing brochure in the morning with top three highlights, which will give previous clients a chance to review first, and then following up with a phone call by the end of the day works best. I will also send clients a text if it is a property they must see right away. Time kills deals and fortune is in the follow-up! - Pamela J. GoodwinGoodwin Commercial

2. Demonstrate Empathy At Every Step

Online platforms are a great way to engage clients and are a vital part of the evolving real estate industry. That said, there is power in a personal touch. On the back end, create automated processes that match clients with properties that fit their profile. On the front end, spend the time and resources to make every client contact feel like the next logical step in an authentic relationship. - Gary BeasleyRoofstock

3. Vary Your Approach Based On The Client

Ask questions and get to know your clients. Everyone has different preferences, so figure out what the client’s preferred method of communication is as opposed to yours. When I begin working with a client, I ask what they prefer—email, calls, text, lunch meetings, after hours/dinner meetings, etc. People appreciate when you genuinely care. - Catherine KuoElite Homes

4. Reach Out In Person

With any business, it is important to stay in front of prospects and clients—either in-person or online. If there is a particular investment that suits their strategy, reach out to them directly to share the details of why it is ideal for them. Having that personal touch lets them know you’re thinking of them and it enables you to know if their needs or tastes have changed. - Bobby MontagneWalnut Street Finance

5. Call, Then Meet In Person

I employ a two-step method of reaching out by phone and then scheduling an in-person meeting. This allows me to understand any life events or changes in financial situation that may impact recommending a new opportunity for my investors. The most important element is understanding the needs and goals of my clients and ensuring any new investment fits into their global portfolio. - Ari RastegarRastegar Property

6. Call Them

You are busy; we all are. You feel that you are bothering client out of the blue with a property for sale. You are not. Call them and share this information on your new deal. They will thank you if not interested. They will thank you if they are interested. You see the fact you considered them could be just the diversion they needed that day. Most likely they will fill you in on their situation. - Michael J. PolkPolk Properties / Matrix Properties

7. Call, Then Follow Up By Email Or Text

I call them directly and then follow up with one email or text depending on what their preference is. Clients like to be spoken to one-on-one in a genuine way, and a phone call will typically get their attention better than an electronic communication. It also conveys an urgency. – Mary WassefCirca Real Estate, LLC

8. Keep In Touch Continuously Via Email

Our office maintains a list of investor buyers. We send frequent emails regarding changes in the market, rental rates rising or falling and ask for their feedback on how their investment is going. When we have a property that meets their requirements of location and price, we have been having a dialogue with them, so they are receptive to receiving properties that meet their investing portfolio. - Nancy Wallace- LaabsKBN Homes, LLC

9. Use A CRM

I spend a large chunk of each morning in my CRM. I touch base with any clients on my hot sheet and email them personally about price changes or updates on the properties they had interest in. I have found that by making 10 calls, text messages and emails all by 10 a.m. each morning, the tone of my day is set early and I have work to follow up on throughout the rest of my day. - Tanya DelahozDwell Summit

10. Consistently Nurture Your Relationships

Calling a past client on a property should never seem like it came out of the blue, therefore consistently nurturing those relationships is key. Doing so allows you to not only know and understand their investment criteria and goals at any given time, but it also shows that you have something valuable to offer them when you reach out based on their specific investment criteria. - Arian NematiAdex AI

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